Jason (highslows) wrote,

80 days

80 days clean and sober.. today is my birthday.. I'm 27! Right now I'm in a state of euphoria, a natural state of euphoria! Which is so cool.. I am proud of myself. I don't think in the 8 years I have had livejournal I have ever actually typed that. I'm still going to AA and chipping away at my fears. I feel good. I honestly figured Id be dead by this time for so long. The road I was walking, or running rather, led no where but TO death. Now I walk a new road. I "walk the line." I have self esteem, confidence. I'm grateful. I'm learning humility. These are HUGE things and the best part is they are not material. Real feelings. Positive feelings. I don't want to act like I'm on that pink cloud, but, I am! Thank you God, thank you whoever deserves thank you. For being there for me, for carrying me through my bad times. Thank you.
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