Jason (highslows) wrote,

the cluster of life

apparently i only have one friend on here now, maskmaster, whatever im not here for them im here for me, to remind myself of things. Maskmaster, i like your pictures, i dont understand how they look surreal, bigger than life, normal objects have some kind of effervescent glow to them. So Im still going to AA. I need to understand the gift of sobriety now while I am young. I have heard people say to me over and over how they wish they got this thing while they were young. It doesnt have the impact on me as it does them.. they talk about suffering like i havent done any.. good lord.. obviously yes i want to save myself the 30 more years they spent getting loaded and destroying their lives and bodies... I certainly dont have it in me, I dont have another run in me, Im dead if I do.. Im like the scene in a movie where the car screetches to a halt right before they fall off the cliff, and they are teetering... just get out of the car.. slowly now...slow....
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