Jason (highslows) wrote,


Yo yo yo yo yo!!! Im here in the internet cafe blasting the bomb music I grew up with! Rancid, NIN, Dr Dre, All the good stuff you know this!!! Today was a good day, I did skip class but really I needed some time to digest all this mind blowing material thats coming at me.. The Torah! Got my laundry done, organized my locker... good stuff... had some bomb scwarma... oh man, shwarma! woo! Having an XL energy drink. So much simcha! I never knew being a Jew could be so amazing, life is amazing, Hashem is Great! Blessed are The Children of Hashem! Thank you so much for giving me this life! I love you! I love you Hashem! and I know you love me! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!
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