Jason (highslows) wrote,

worst poem ever

Julia, I can't get you out of my mind
Julia, I can't get you out of my heart
Julia, although you've moved on, and don't look behind
Julia, I also want a new start

10 months and counting, every day it still hurts
So beautiful so beautiful, so so so beautiful
Long black hair, and piercing brown eyes
your cheekbones, your lips, your skin, those hips

In a silent world you always dwell
expressions with hands, is how I can tell
you taught me so much
I miss my dear teacher
now I learn from other deafies
it isn't the same

2 years of our lives
you just turned it off
you left me alone
you left me forever
you left the good times
you left the sunshine
now its all darkness

I try to replace you
but your one of a kind
if i had one more chance
Id surely walk the line

But alas you have blocked me
from every avenue
how i miss you so much
im alone and so blue

I wish this was fiction
but this is real life
ill keep on keepin on
ill keep lookin for some light

So ill keep on learning beautiful ASL
Sign language gives me hope
The gift that you gave me
Ill pay it forward I will
To help other deafies
Though it hurts

Im good at signing
but I miss signing with you
Oh Julia if you only knew
How much you have touched me
But I have to give you up
I have to start a new
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